Lemon Fourm is a dangerous website?

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Lemon Fourm is a dangerous website?

Post by AJ R on Sun May 15, 2016 8:00 am

Come on people this website is dangerous because the anti-malware program said it was a malicious website. I can't fix that. Did fourmotion put these malware on here? Did someone hack the Lemon Fourm? Please! I can't fix that. Maybe Jack, Greg, Joseph, Milo or Nicky hacked it. Jack said it was Milo. MILO! Come over here. You hacked this website. Messed this thing up. Izzy didn't because she doesn't have internet and she says that we shouldn't too. I email Gregory. Come on tell me. If Milo didn't do it, I think Joeseph did it. And if neither those people I'll talk to Fourmotion. I bet it's a robot that did it.


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